How I work ...

Striving to preserve each photo's integrity, your photos will be retouched during post production to adjust for dust, contrast, highlights, color, nuances and so on, optimizing each selected image.


Your final photos may be a mix of color, black and white, and even vintage (sepia), and will be delivered via (free) web service with high resolution for you to order your own large prints at a photography lab of your choice, or with low resolution for Internet. 


Résolutions  - 300 dpi / Ready to print , 72 dpi for Internet

Format          - jpeg

Post production process: From the photographs that you will receive from your shoot, I will select the best shots to professionally enhance, applying graphic tools and expertise.


Surprise Proposal ...

How to capture discreetely the moment when you propose 


I will suggest a scenario to make sure this special moment is captured without your future fiancé being suspicious ...  


We will use the best iconic spots in Paris, at your convenience, quiet , discreet, uncrowded 


The best time of the day for your proposal depends on the natural light at the spot chosen, and for that I  will manage the best for you!